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FAQ & Contacts


Why should I use SNACK.BG?

SNACK offers you the best delivery service in town!
As simple as that.
1 - All is online: no need to pick up the phone anymore;
2 - All is easy: order from your favorite restaurants in just a few clicks;
3 - All is crystal clear: live & detailed order statuses;
4 - All is efficient: multiple delivery addresses available, exclusive Rating system/Rankings/Reviews, and many more awesome features!
5 - All is under great care: we take care of your orders with excellent service!

Is SNACK.BG 100% Free?

You can use the website for free without limitation.
However, of course, if you order some food, you'll have to pay for it! ;-)


I forgot my password, what do I do?

In the case of a missing password, you can use the following feature: Lost Password

Can I have more than one address for a delivery?

You can have multiple delivery addresses!
The 'short naming' system allows you to select them easily.

To modify/add an address, you have to complete the following steps:
1 - Log into your member account;
2 - Then, click on the 'MY ACCCOUNT' situated in the top menu bar;
3 - Next, click on 'My Information' which appears after 'MY ACCOUNT';
4 - Then you can modify/add an address.
Note: don't forget to click on 'Save Changes' once modified/added.

Remark: click on the 'Delete' button to remove an address.

How do I change my personal information?

1 - You need to log in to your member account;
2 - Then, click on the 'MY ACCCOUNT' situated in the top menu bar;
3 - Next, click on 'My Information' which appears after 'MY ACCOUNT';
Then you can edit your user account information, including your password, and other account details.


How can I select the best restaurants?

SNACK offers a very efficient ‘Star rating system’.
Each restaurant has a Star Rating.
The more stars, the better.
Each time a SNACK user creates an order, there is the possibility for customer review.
By doing this, we ensure that all the reviews are genuine and honest.
Only validated SNACK users are able to create reviews!
At a glance, you can pick what’s good and what’s not good for your own taste.

How do I manage a ‘Take Away’ order?

On the basket page, you can select the ‘Take Away’ (or Delivery) option.
If the restaurant is only processing Delivery orders, the ‘Take Away’ possibility will be disabled.

Can I combine orders from different restaurants?

Unfortunately, you can't.
If you want to order from another restaurant, you will have to make a separate order.

Is it easy to place an order?

It's very easy to order:
1 - Pick the restaurant you like,
2 - Select the dishes you want to eat,
3 - Confirm the order.
And that's it!

What happens next?

1 - The restaurant receives and validates your order,
2 - You receive an email confirming this validation (with duration details),
3 - The food is ready for pick-up or delivery.
4 - You have a wonderful time!
Yes, it’s that simple! :-)

Note: if the restaurant is unable to accept your order for any reason, your order will be cancelled and you will be notified via email.


Where can I see my order's status?

In the logged in version of the website, you will find the live status of your order.
The status is refreshed in real time.
All is crystal clear with SNACK! :-)

What do I do if something's wrong with my order?

Cancel it before the restaurant validates it, and create another order immediately.

Can I change an order once it's done?

If the restaurant has not yet validated your order, you can cancel it.
If the restaurant has validated your order, you can't modify/cancel it anymore.

I've just received my order, and something’s missing?

We are very sorry to hear that!
In the case where items are missing or incorrect follow these steps:
1 - Check your email confirmation or your detailed order page, to make sure your item was listed;
2 - Call the restaurant to give them the opportunity to rectify the problem;
3 - Otherwise, we’ll be happy to contact the restaurant on your behalf to help you out.


How can I pay?

At the moment, we only offer cash payment.
More payment solutions will be added in the future.


Do I have to create a review?

Yes, please!!!
We want to know the Good, the Bad & the Ugly.
And all the users of SNACK want the same!!!
All the restaurant needs to know, is what to improve or how they have been awesome! :-)
And yes, with the help of reviews, you are sure that the restaurants will always go the extra mile for you!

So, please, after every order, leave a review!

How do I create a review?

To make a review, you have to follow these steps:
1 - Log in to your member account;
2 - Then, click on 'MY ORDERS' situated in the top menu bar;
3 - For each order, you'll have the possibility to make a review;
4 - Simply follow the instructions and that's it!

Why wasn't my review added already?

Each review is verified by a member of our team.
We only publish reviews with appropriate content.
However, even if the review is not published for this reason, the stars are considered in the star rating calculation.
All reviews matter!

When I make a review, how is it displayed on the site?

We display:
- The number of stars;
- When it was published;
- The type of delivery (Take Away or Delivery);
- And your message.
We do not put any personal identification on the public website.

Important: the restaurant will see your review linked with your order details.
This way, they know for sure that all reviews are genuine and honest.

How is the restaurant star system working?

Each review rewards the restaurant with a certain amount of stars (up to 5).
We divide the sum of all the stars by the number of reviews, and we get the average star rating.

What does ‘Response Rate’ mean?

Each order is counted in this calculation.
Each time the restaurant doesn't validate (or cancel) an order, the Response Rate decreases.
This value allows you to know which are the most dedicated restaurants.

What does ‘Response Time’ mean?

Each validated order is counted in this calculation.
We count the time between the moment the order reaches the restaurant,
and the moment the restaurant validates (or cancels) it.
Of course, the fastest restaurants are the most dedicated restaurants.


How do I contact SNACK with another question?

Whatever you need, contact us!
Our friendly customer care experts are always ready to help you out!
Telephone : 0887 707 607 - Monday to Sunday, 10am - 10pm
Email: snack.ood@gmail.com