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About Us and About Our Values

Spotless Service & Perfect Efficiency.

This is what we offer to our valued customers everyday!
You're working late, you don't have time or are not in the mood to cook, please let us handle this for you!
We take care of everything and you just have to enjoy every minute of this amazing VIP treatment!
We want you to have the best food ordering and delivery experience ever. Nothing less!

Two Stars for One Service Quality.

Some companies are focusing on the restaurants' owners needs only, while others only care about the customers' needs.!
We refuse to think that way: we are here, for both of you!!
We want the restaurants to have the best food ordering service ever (and the best customers ever. Yes, that's you!)!
We want you to have the easiest & simplest way to order the best food available in the city for delivery or takeout at the restaurants themselves!
We need you both to be extremely satisfied to accomplish our mission.

So Easy, So Simple.

No credit card necessary, no boring phone calls to make, no need to try to make an order with someone who's not interested (no, we won't give names even if we are tempted), no need to give your credit card number over the phone to a stranger, no explanations to give, just a few clicks on the website, and that's it!

Food Happiness.

This is what we provide!
We guarantee you that SNACK.bg is about the best food possible, in the best way possible.
You can pick delivery or takeout.
You can register as an individual or a company.
You can be a food enthusiast or a restaurant owner?
We take care of all your needs with the same exact dedication, professionalism, and passion!

Why We Are So Unique

The online food delivery experience you are enjoying with us is absolutely unique, because of the following reasons:
- Many restaurants, with more regularly becoming part of the SNACK.bg family;
- Simple, intuitive & efficient website;
- 100% Free accounts (you don't need to pay anything to be able to order food with us);
- Confidentiality & Security for all exchanges.
- To add more. ;-)